Simple and Easy to Design

Your can personalize your products with simple steps to place an order.

design area

Design Area

This is the most important part of editor. It is a preview for all added layers. Click on each layer to edit or drag the mouse to adjust all layers.

Crop Image

The crop image feature allows you to crop the image with the exact position you put into the viewer.


Image Mask

Do you want to make text with complex background from another image? Yeah, try the Mask feature in Modern-Tee, make your text more awesome.

Remove Background

There’s no need for Photoshop knowledge to remove the image background. Simply drag your mouse, and everything is settled


Image Filter Effects

Instantly, make your image professional with 20+ filters which ready to use. This feature helps you make the image have a significant effect as a filter of the camera.

Fill Color

Shape, image, and text are three objects that you can apply this fill option. The Fill Color helps users fill a solid color to the selected objects.


Arrange Layers

The editor works base on layers. Quickly arrange the selected object position either backward or forward.


Whether you want to put it in the right corner or center. The Layer Position tool allows you to place the selected object in the correct position with one click.


Transforms Manuual

When using the transform tool directly, it is hard to know how many angles rotated or flipped. The Lumise provides a manual way to set transform values for a layer.

Font Family

This option allows you to switch to another font family easily. To use more font, just press the Get More Fonts button.

font advance

Font Advance

This tool allows you to change the font-size, line-height, letter-spacing even text content.

Text Effects

There are four text effects on editor. Select a text and choose Text Effect icon to customize your text.

font advance

Text Style

These options help you change text style as bold, underline, italic, or text-align.

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